Add Some Fire to the Bedroom


I’ve always dreamed of falling asleep to the crackle of a roaring fire. Nothing screams romantic B & B like a fireplace in the bedroom. Alas, no such luxury existed in our bedroom, though that is not to say that sparks don’t occasionally fly in the master suite.


A chance sighting of a vintage mantle in a local salvage yard brought my dream to life. Sort of. I bought the piece and sanded it down to remove the worn, chipped paint. I repainted it, then did some sanding of my own to add the character back into the mantle.

The tricky part was attaching the mantle to the wall. I screwed two eye hooks into the back of the mantle, then screwed eye hooks into the studs of the wall. I threaded heavy-duty twine through the hooks to pull the mantle against the wall and anchor it.


Next, candles were added to the top of the mantle, with an additional candelabra on the floor.  While they don’t provide the crackle, pop, or heat of a traditional fireplace, these candles do a fine job of adding some sensual, flickering light to the bedroom.


Don’t have the wall space to add a full-size mantle? Look for a smaller or vertical mantle and prop it in a corner of the room.

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  1. Hi, looks like you’re just getting started, so I’ll say good luck and welcome to WordPress. You’ve actually chosen the same theme I use 😀 I found you by searching vintage in my reader. I’d love to see pictures of your completed project. See you next time.


    • Wow, that was fast! You’re right–I am just getting started, last night in fact! I’ve just added the real fireplace photos, so hope you stop back again. Thanks for visiting! : )


  2. Really cute Carol. I also like that it gives you an opportunity to add some creative vignettes to the room atop the mantel too. I’m always moving things on or off our living room mantel and it’s fun during the different holidays. Way to keep the home fires burning.


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