A Quick and Dirty Flagstone Patio


Our backyard garden has grown over the years from a simple border to a curving arc that blossoms from spring to fall with roses, brown-eyed susans, and purple sage.  Colorful songbirds visit the feeders and stone bath.  The problem?  We wanted to be in the garden, not enjoying it from afar or through a window.  The solution?  We added a flagstone patio, nestled right into the curve of the garden.  And we did it in a day. Sort of.

IMG_2464 - Version 2

After perusing images of flagstone patios on the Internet, we decided that we wanted our stones to be separated so grass could grow between the stones. We took a trip to a local rock center and bought a pallet of large flagstone, which was delivered the very next day.

Now came the hard part—lifting the stones.  We spread them out as best we could to determine which shapes fit together in the most pleasing form.  Then we carried them and dropped them into place right onto the grass. We rolled the largest stones that were too heavy to carry.  Due to the nature of the rock, some stones were thicker than others; we used sand under the rock to level things out.


Grass (and sometimes weeds) grows between the stones; we trim it with an electric weeder. I found some cool plants called Steppers at my local nursery and planted them between some stones as well.  These are plants in the herb family, and they release a scent (orange, lavender, etc.) when stepped upon.

We placed some wrought iron furniture on the patio, along with a small chiminea that we light on fall evenings.  A larger fire bowl is on my wish list for this autumn.




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  1. Patio looks good and what a great summer we’ve had to enjoy our yards. Well, the girls are into their senior year at Archmere. Hard to take it in, I bet. But, it’s inevitable–they grow up and move on with their particular plans. But the “move on” part takes getting used to. When Burke pulled away from the house after taking a trip with us to Target and Home Depot for items to have in his dorm room at the Towers, I cried and cried. He was only going to UD but the separation was much more than miles. Eventually you adjust and feel happy for them and feel better yourself, but the heartache getting there is real. Line up lots of fun and challenging projects for yourself so that you are busy and focused. That will help you immensely.

    I hope the next time we get together I can announce that Burke and Erin are engaged. Burke has selected the ring but Erin leaves soon for Ireland with her mother for a ten-day trip so he has to wait until they return to make it all happen when everyone can get together to celebrate. Our nest will officially be empty but hopefully a grandchild or two will fill the void! I’m excited! (Can’t you tell?)

    Mansion tours fill my days along with practicing my piano pieces for my lessons. I have a neighbor who gives lessons so it works out great for me. No major pieces, just small etudes and “ditties.” It feels good to refresh what I had previously learned and to add to it. Guess I’ll keep at it until I can’t read the sheet music or my fingers no longer work.

    We’re off to Stone Harbor for two weeks, starting Sept. 13. I am so looking forward to a change of pace and place. My brother and sister-in-law will join us. The place has wonderful water views, so that should really put the icing on the cake. We take our second river cruise (this time the Rhine River) in November, another thing to look forward to as the new season comes in. The cruise starts in Amsterdam and will end in Switzerland. Better get my phone ready to store more pictures. (My trip to Italy consumed lots of space but the pics are great!)

    Are you for hire, Girl? I would love to put two lights out front to illuminate our two trees. I do have electric at the ready. I’d prefer electrical to solar; it’s softer. Let me know if you can help or what I should do.

    As the song goes, “Let’s get together, yeh, yeh, yeh! We could have a real good time.”



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