Stainless Steel Paint


My husband is one of 8 children, so every 7 years it is our turn to host Thanksgiving. We’re up this year but our oven wasn’t. Sure it worked and could roast a turkey, but it wasn’t….pretty. The wall oven is over 15 years old and it is indestructible. While all of the other appliances in the kitchen had broken down and been replaced with shiny new stainless models, the white and tinted-glass oven stood firmly in the wall, refusing to budge, break or give up. I hated it and concocted sneaky ways to “break” it…until I watched an episode of Cool Tools on the DIY Network. I realized I could camouflage it and force it to match its shiny kitchen counterparts. All I needed was an afternoon and my new best friend, Stainless Steel paint.





Liquid Stainless Steel looks like paint—it comes in a paint can—because it is paint but with the added benefit of real stainless steel flakes.  The folks at the DIY Network provide awesome step-by-step instructions on how to use Liquid Stainless Steel to transform many items in your home, so I won’t try to  replicate it here.  Just click this link to their page to find out for yourself how easy it is.

I used 3 coats of Liquid Stainless Steel to cover my ugly white wall oven plus two coats of clear Topcoat to give it some shine.




I also used Liquid Stainless Steel to transform my old, rusty door hinges.  They look brand new and took about 15 minutes to paint.  I’ve pretty much become a mad woman racing around the house with my sponge brush, painting every door hinge in sight.  The instant gratification is like a drug.  If you’re a DIY-er, you know what I mean….



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      • Dear Carol, I saw the static cling film on Thomas’ website … it says $9 for a 12″x36″ portion, with $10.82 as the cheapest shipping. Blah! What I’m wondering is, do you think it is a special, heat-resistant film, or do you think it is the exact same window film you can get at Home Depot? When I went to Home Depot, the man acted like their tinted film was not made to withstand heat (like on an oven or dishwasher) … what do you think? And how far does 12″x36′ really go? Would it cove an oven panel, dishwasher panel, and microwave panel? Just seems small to me.


      • Hi Whitney, I double checked the Thomas’s site, and there’s no mention of their cling film being specially formulated to withstand heat. To be honest, I don’t know if regular window cling film would work so I can’t give you a definitive answer. I did find one site that sells dark cling film for a decent price/decent amount: And you’re right–the 12 x 36 inch doesn’t go a long way. I was able to cover two small oven windows and the top control panel with it, but there was nothing left over. If your 3 panels aren’t too big, one sheet would probably cover it. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Your projects sound ambitious! Thanks for following and let me know how they turn out! Carol


  1. Only one of my appliances is magnetic. Will it need sanded and prepped first? I read somewhere that only magnetic surfaces can be done without prepping. This is so intriguing. It could have opened up a new decorating idea. :))


    • I checked the Thomas’s website again, and I think your non-magnetic appliances will be fine. My oven was glass front and I did not prep it at all. Just painted right over it with the stainless steel paint. I’m glad you’re open to the possibilities….you can use it on just about anything. Let me know what you transform!


  2. Hi, Carol,
    The link for the cling film is dead. Can you, please, let me know the name of the product.?
    Also, how is the finish holding up so far?
    Thank you so much in advance!


  3. Hi! I found your article through a google search because I’m looking into doing this exact project. May I ask, how did you do the glass doors? Is the paint just on the outside directly on the glass? And, did you need to sand the plastic parts first? Also, looks like this article is a few years old, may I also ask how it has held up to regular use? Thanks!!


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